Your Dog’s First Grooming Visit

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It’s the New Year! This can mean a lot of things: new dogs, new puppies, new dog groomers, and new year’s resolutions. One of the healthiest things you can do is to prepare you and your dog for their first grooming visit and one of the most common questions that we get asked is, “how should I prepare my dog for their first grooming visit?” It’s an important question with a few answers.

Start Healthy Grooming Habits at Home

We’ve written a previous blog post that really emphasizes the importance of healthy grooming habits at home. A groomer is necessary, but you want the groomer to be the metaphorical icing on the cake, a tune-up if you will. A groomer’s job is to put the finishing touches on an already healthy dog, check them for key indicators of health, and give them a good trim. Some of the key points we touched on in that post were:

  • Bathe your dog. The ASPCA has a recommendation: bathe him/her at least once every three months. If your dog loves to play in the dirt or mud, you obviously want to clean them more often.
  • If your dog is scratching, chewing, or licking their coat excessively, there may be a problem. The problems can range from allergies, metabolism issues, infections, stress, and external parasites. If you are unsure of what the underlying problem may be, contact your veterinarian or take them to a groomer for a second opinion.
  • Take care of their teeth. A simple doggie chew toy and a healthy diet can help contribute to a beautiful smile. We recommend taking your dog to the groomer for a good teeth brushing every couple of months.

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Research Your Grooming Options

Look for a reputable dog groomer in your area and ask other dog owners at the dog park where they take their dogs. Sometimes online reviews can be unreliable, but word of mouth will almost always prove to be reliable. Visit a salon without your dog first to see how they are treating other dogs in the grooming area. Don’t be afraid to ask the staff and other dog owners on-site for a first hand opinion.

If your dog has special needs, make sure to ask the dog groomer if they can cater to your pup.

The First Grooming Visit Techniques

Dogs can pick up on human emotions pretty easily. With that being said, don’t be nervous or apprehensive when dropping your dog off at the groomer. Offer a brief goodbye and maybe a treat, then go about your day.

The same can be said when picking your dog up from the groomer. Don’t make it a big deal. Offer plenty of praise and treats to complete the positive experience. If you are super uncomfortable about leaving the groomer, bring a book or tablet to fill the time for grooming.

Dog Groomer in New Jersey

Established in 2000, we’ve been grooming happy and healthy dogs for over 18 years! Troy’s Trims and Treats serves your dog right and caters to every dog’s special needs. We offer dog grooming in Englewood, Alpine, Tenafly, and Bergen County New Jersey. Stop by for a New Year’s groom! Visit our contact page or call us at (201) 871-8484 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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