Faqs & Tips

At Troy's Trims and Treats Bergen County Dog Grooming Spa, our dog groomers take special loving care
with each of our puppy and dog clients.
1How Long Does The Grooming Take?
If your dog is getting a haircut then we ask that you allow 2 1/2 to 3 hours. That is to wash, dry and cut the hair. If your dog is matted then it may take more time.
2What Is a Puppy Cut?
A puppy cut means that the hair is cut the same length all over. There is a short and a long puppy cut. The length can be discussed when the pet arrives for its grooming appointment.
3What If My Dog's Hair Is Tangled?
Knotted or tangled hair is unhealthy for your pet’s skin. When the hair is tangled close to the skin it doesn’t allow the skin to breathe therefore creating dry skin, skin problems and irritations. De matting a dog’s hair when done properly takes time, but it can also be painful for the pet. If we can de-mat the pet without causing pain then we shall be able to save the coat. There is an additional charge for de-matting.
4What Are Anal Glands?
Anal glands are two small scent sacs located on either side of your dog’s anus. Some dogs are able to empty them naturally by rectal pressure during a bowel movement, however, some do not and need assistance from either the groomer or the vet to express them.
5Why Does My Dog Shake It's Head After It's Ears Are Cleaned?
When we clean a dogs ears we also pluck the hairs from the ear opening so as to allow air to flow freely, to keep it dry and to prevent ear infections. Sometimes this can create a tickling sensation and shaking its head is the dog’s way of responding to the tickle.
6Can My Dog Get An Ear Infection From Getting Water In It's Ear Canal During Bathing?
We place cotton in the dog’s ear before bathing so as to prevent water from entering the ear canal. However, most ear infections are caused from issues that have nothing to do with water exposure during bathing.
7Will My Dog's Nails Bleed When You Cut Them?
If your dog’s nails are very long there is always some risk of bleeding. Inside the nail there is a blood vessel that grows with the nail. If the nails are very long then cutting them even a little may result in bleeding.