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While dogs have amazing ways of keeping themselves clean, often they need a little help from you, their owner. You may be overwhelmed, especially if you have a new puppy. However, Troy’s Stay and Play is here to help. Offering the best dog grooming in Edgewater and pretty much all of North Jersey, Troy’s knows a thing or two about dogs, especially pertaining to grooming techniques. Without further ado, here are some tips and tricks to help you manage your dog’s grooming needs.

Rub a Dub Dub

Bathing your dog is of importance, even if it’s not something you think of often. The ASPCA recommends that you bathe your dog at least once every three months. However, some dogs will require more consistent bathing- this is especially true for those dogs that have skin problems or play outside a lot.

Brushing- Don’t Forget It!

Brushing your dog is really crucial because it will keep your dog’s coat in good condition while also removing dirt and spreading oils throughout her coat, as is necessary. It will also ensure her skin is clean and less irritant, while at the same time preventing tangles and allowing you, the pet owner, to check for fleas and flea dirt. Furthermore, brushing helps to bond you with your dog through the all-important sensation of touch.

What You Need To Know About Shedding

Of course, shedding older hair is a normal process for puppies and dogs alike, but you will want to pay attention to the amount and frequency with which hair is being shed. This could indicate important factors like their health, breed type and seasonal dynamics.

Skin Issues

Though skin problems may be something you would more likely attribute to a human, dogs are subject to them too. You may notice a skin problem flaring up in your dog when your puppy is scratching, chewing or licking excessively. Skin problems in dogs could entail a large range of issues, including external parasites, allergies, metabolic problems, infections, stress and more.

Doggie Dental Care

There are a number of things you can do to help contribute to your dog’s dental health. This could include simple things that you probably already do, like brushing your dog’s teeth and providing them with both a healthy diet and a variety of chew toys. However, there may be some facets of dental care that you had not previously thought of. Bacteria and plaque-forming foods can cause build up on dog’s teeth that can turn dangerous. It often manifests as tartar, gingivitis, receding gums or even tooth loss. This highlights the importance of regular dental care and asking your veterinarian if any dental problems pop up.

blonde large dogThough there are other facets of dog grooming, like nail care and pet care, the tips we listed above are some of the most essential things to know about dog grooming in New Jersey. Of course, if you have more questions about dog grooming in Bergen County, look no further than Troy’s Stay and Play. Troy’s Tris and Treats offers dog grooming packages that will suit the needs of your dog. If you’re looking for a way to show your dog love, or need a safe, high-quality place for them to stay for a bit, look no further than Troy’s Trims and Treats, the best dog grooming facility in New Jersey.

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