Dog Grooming Drying Techniques

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If your dog falls in a river or creek and gets all muddy – and the dog groomers are closed – you’ll want to clean your pup up. Whether one or all of your dogs get dirty, you’ll have to end up drying them after washing your dog(s). We have a few ways to help improve the speed of drying your dog after a wash or hose down. The process is simple! Wrap your dog in a towel. If you’re feeling extra nice, throw the towel in the dryer for a few minutes prior to wrapping your pup. When you wrap wet dogs in a towel, you draw some of the moisture from their coats quickly and efficiently.

Drying Your Dog

Ever wrapped your hair in a towel ladies? Guys, if you’ve ever seen a woman wrap her hair in a towel, it basically follows the same principle. The towel gradually pulls moisture out of the hair (or coat) for a quick and efficient method of drying. This method works best if you can wrap your dog in a towel and let them rest for awhile. It can be a bit challenging to keep the towel on the pup if they have a lot of energy! Some creativity may be required. Try using a small clip or another fastening device to keep the towel on your dog if he/she starts to get wild.

Let Him/Her Air Dry

This works especially well with short-haired pets. If your dog has an abrasion or incision on their skin, or their skin is just plain sensitive, this might be a good option. If your dog has especially long hair (think Siberian Husky level) then usually air drying is not the recommended option. If left wet for too long, the moisture can cause fungus growth between the paw pads or under the armpits. This can lead to a more serious condition than being a dirty dog, such as ear or bacterial infections. If a dog with long hair or a thick undercoat is left to air dry, it may cause matting of the fur and other skin problems.

Blow-dry Your Dog

This works best for dogs that have thick coats (such as the Husky) or double coats. These dogs take a long time to dry; if air drying is an option, try a blow dryer. There is an exception to this method though: if your dog is very afraid of the blow dryer, it may do more harm than good to turn on the loud and scary machine. Avoid the face and the feet, and keep the dryer moving as quickly as possible. After the experience, praise your dog and make sure they get a lot of positive attention after the blow dryer.

Use a Chamois Leather

This is a cloth traditionally made from the hide of a European antelope named a chamois. Today, chamois leather may also be made from the hides of goats, sheep, or synthetic material. It is ideal because it is absorbent and soft, and the natural oils in the leather can help leave your dog with a shiny coat. You can purchase these leathers online from manufacturers or sites like Amazon. Many are also sold at automotive stores, as many people use this leather to dry their cars.

Dog Grooming in Englewood, New Jersey

If you prefer to not wash and dry your pet yourself, or you need professional assistance, try booking an online appointment today! We offer premium haircuts, baths, and additional services at Troy’s Trims and Treats. Call us today if you have any questions about drying your pup!

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