Tips and Tricks To Make Sure Your Dog Is Happy and Healthy

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If you are the proud owner of a dog, you are probably always looking for ways to make sure your friend is happy and healthy. However, it’s always good to find new and exciting ways to make sure you are being a good dog owner, and to make sure your dog is living their best life.

One thing people overlook when trying to ensure their puppy’s happiness is hydration. Many dogs suffer from mild dehydration- you can see signs such as a dry mouth, panting and loss of skin elasticity. To combat this, you will want to make sure that your dog is drinking plenty of water- especially during the hot summer months. Furthermore, you will want to make sure your dog is receiving the vitamins and minerals they need, including sodium, in their diet.

Some other tips that will help your puppy live his or her best life help to curb chewing and get burs out of fur. In terms of the chewing issue, there are a variety of solutions you may wish to try. Some of these include: getting enticing chew toys that your dog will chew instead of your furniture, making sure your dog is getting plenty of exercise, and puppy-proofing your house. In terms of the burs that may get stuck in your dog’s fur and cause him or her a lot of pain, you may wish to try crisco vegetable shortening, or any shortening for that matter. This will help to get the burs out in a pain-free manner, which will also help to influence their quality of life.

Fleas are another thing that can really put a damper on a dog’s life. There are a variety of methods you may find online to combat fleas, but many are not natural and some could even hurt your dog. For more natural options, and general expertise, you may wish to have your dog visit a grooming clinique.

Another thing that impacts dogs that you may not even realize is the sun. Yep, that’s right- dogs can get sunburns too. To protect your dog from the sun, you may wish to put a bit of babies’ sunscreen lotion on his nose, ears and other vulnerable areas.

Ear infections are another thing that may plague your doggie. To remedy these, try a bit of Johnson’s baby oil. Simply put a bit of oil on a cotton ball and then moisten his or her ears with it. Trust us, your dog will be a much happier camper after!

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