Safe and Unsafe Holiday Foods For Your Dog

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December 1, 2018
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Feed Your Pet Safely During the Holiday Season

Happy holidays from Troy’s Trims and Treats! We would like to wish you, your family, and all of your pets the very best this holiday season! The next few weeks are going to be full of food, friends, and family during this fun time. dos huskies Naturally, your dog is going to smell all of the delicious food and want a piece of the action (or pie). How do you know what is safe for your dog and what isn’t? We’ve complied a small list of do’s and don’t’s when it comes to feeding your pet this holiday season, but first, here are a few helpful tips to help keep your dog’s tummy merry this winter:

  • Try and tire your dog out before a big gathering where there is going to be a large amount of food and people. If your dog is too tired after a long walk or run, they are not going to beg as ferociously. We can’t promise it will stop the begging altogether, though.
  • Stay on the lookout for guests at your party. Some people have the best of intentions when they decide to sneak bits of food to your animal; however, not everyone is aware that certain types of food can harmfully impact your dog.
  • If you’re not sure about a particular food item, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Don’t go overboard with the holiday food. Big meals can upset your pet’s stomach and may cause a mess if they are dramatically overfed. If you are going to feed your animal holiday food, less is definitely more.

The Unsafe Holiday Food List For Dogs

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The foods listed below are some holiday staples that should never be fed to your dog:

  • Onions/Garlic: Both of these foods contain a compound called thiosulphate. These two foods should be avoided because thiosulphate is very toxic to dogs.
  • Skin/Fat/Cooked Bones: Skin and fat – in large amounts – can be a choking hazard and can wreak havoc on the pancreas. Cooked bones can splinter and seriously hurt your dog.
  • Stems/Seeds/Leaves/Pits – All of these items contain cyanogenic glycosides, a poisonous compound for dogs.
  • Raisins/Grapes – Very toxic for dogs and can lead to kidney damage.
  • Alcohol – Just don’t.
  • Chocolate – A chemical called theobromine is responsible for the toxicity that chocolate poses to dogs.
  • Processed Sugar and Xylitol – Your dog is going to be eyeing the pies and the cakes. This is a big no-no, as it can cause an upset stomach. Xylitol can be much more dangerous for dogs than sugar, so watch where your pup is during dessert.

The Safe Holiday Food List For Dogs

These foods will keep your dog happy during the holiday season as they are completely safe to eat! Just be sure to remind the guests not to sneak your dog too much food.

  • Veggies: Broccoli, Zucchini, Carrots, Yams, Sweet Potatoes – These foods are packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and water content that will help keep your dog full and healthy.
  • Skinless, Boneless Chicken and Turkey – Every dog loves these two proteins; however, make sure to limit portions.
  • Extra Virgin Olive and Coconut Oil – These two items are amazing for your dog’s health, coat, and immune system.
  • Fruits: Apples and Cranberries – For the apples, don’t forget to remove the stem and seeds. These fruits are both packed with vitamin C and fiber. Try and limit even natural sugars, as it can leave your dog in a sugar-frenzied state.
  • Peanut Butter/Almond Butter – These two are a favorite choice among dogs due to how tasty these nut butters are. These healthy fats support a healthy cardiovascular system and can help your pet feel full.

Happy Holidays From Troy’s!

We would like to wish you a festive holiday season this 2018! If you have any questions about a particular food, or wish to schedule an appointment with one of our professional groomers, don’t hesitate to contact us at (201) 871-8484! Happy Holidays!

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