Self Care for You and Your Dog

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In the hubbub of life, many people that they’re missing something essential. What is it? A lot of young people experience professional success, personal accomplishments, creative enjoyment, romantic pursuits, fun and conviviality with others, but it still doesn’t seem to be enough. So what exactly is missing? Well, to put it simply, companionship. To quote the famous duo, Simon and Garfunkel, “no man is an island.” Humans have to connect with others to make something out of life. And the connection humans experience with dogs is unlike any other. It’s devoid of the nuances, the complications, the pain and misunderstanding that is all so rife in the relationships people have with one another.

Dogs are much simpler: they are always there for you, with their warmth, loyalty, and affection. Furthermore, they allow you to be there for them. Dogs can’t meet a lot of their own physical needs- they rely upon you to feed them, groom them, take them out and to make sure they exercise. By doing this, you are taking care of a living, breathing entity, which gives you sensations of fulfillment and gratitude, akin to that of any volunteer work. This is what gives life meaning- feeling like you are making a contribution. Beyond the feel good nature of owning a dog, however, there are vast, positive health, mental health and lifestyle benefits.

Benefits of Owning a Dog

For one, owning a dog has been linked to lower levels of stress, asthma and blood pressure. This most likely results from the exercise that accompanies owning a dog. Dog owners take 2,760 more steps than those without pups. Puppy-less people are also sedentary dogfor 30 minutes more than dog-owners each day. The mental health benefits are also astounding. When you pet or play with your pup, you release oxytocin which not only helps you bond with Fido, but also helps to reduce blood pressure and lower cortisol levels, the main physical triggers of anxiety. Another way doggies are great mood-lifters is that they help to alleviate isolation. One, you feel less lonely when your furry friend is next to you, and two, dogs help to create social opportunities to meet people. You can meet up for a doggie playdate, or walking your dog outside may draw people in for conversation. Bonding with both your dog and other people will lead to lower rates of neuroses as well as decreased generalized sadness and loneliness. You really can’t go wrong having a pup by your side.

With all that our dogs do for us, it’s nice to treat them too sometimes. Additionally, doggies can get stressed. Sometimes, they only get dry food. Sometimes their owner doesn’t wanna play fetch. And worst of all, sometimes they are referred to only as a good boy and not a very good boy! If you feel that your pooch is stressed, there’s only one place to take them- Troy’s Trims and Treats!

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