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Let’s face it – sometimes the games that you’ve been playing with your dog for a couple of years can get boring. Playing fetch over and over again with the same slobber-covered tennis ball can get monotonous; maybe it won’t be for your dog, but variety can be the spice of life! The same repetitive play can get boring, fast. If your dog has a short attention span, using various other play-toys and techniques can help both you and your dog bond on an even deeper level. Basic games like tug and fetch can be improved upon and your crazy canine will thank you! Here are a number of fun games for your dog to choose from:


Kids and dogs have quite a few things in common: they both have a short attention span and they both love bubbles! The act of bubble-chasing is just like chasing down small prey such as lizards and birds, so it activates their predatory instinct. A dog can be entertained by chasing, biting, and observing bubbles! Just make sure to buy a brand meant that is non-toxic and meant for small children.

dog playing fetch
Re-invent the Fetch

Sticks and tennis balls are tried-and-true tools to help get your pup the exercise they need. However, there is always a risk when using things like sticks or other things you can find in nature. Try using a soft plush toy or a pole and line with a stuffed animal attached at the end! Change the style of throwing to keep your dog on their toes! Instead of the same height of the throw, try throwing it incredibly high, far, bouncing the ball, and varying the throw.


Frisbee is a variation on the game of fetch. Since the Frisbee lingers in the air, it will teach your dog patience and restraint. Try an extra-tough version if your dog has a particularly powerful bite or a soft flyer if your dog is a bit more on the gentle side.

Use the Hose!

If your dog gets dirty in the mud, try using a hose or another form of water source to vary their play. They’ll bite and snap at the water to try and ‘catch’ the stream, ultimately to no avail. Try taking your pup to the beach so they can play and run in the shallow water or toss float-able toys in the ocean for them to chase! Just make sure to keep a close on your dog.

dog playing fetch with frisbee

Hide Their Favorite Toys

If your dog has a few favorite toys, try hiding them around the house with treats next to them! Hide and seek is a great game to help keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated.

New Jersey Dog Groomers

After a long day of play, your dog is going to be tired, happy, and possibly dirty. If their coat needs a serious make-over after some rough-and-tumble in the mud, we’re here to help! Troy’s Trims & Treat’s offers dog grooming services in Bergen County, NJ! We provide luxury hair cut services, baths, de-matting, nail filing, teeth brushing, medicated and flea baths, and nail polish! Call us at (201) 871-8484 to schedule an appointment!

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