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If you’ve ever been anxious yourself, you know just how frustrating and uncomfortable it can be! Anxiety can be just as overwhelming for an anxious dog as well; however, they communicate in quite a different way, on account of the fact that they don’t speak the English language. It can be very difficult to see your dog suffer, especially since calming a nervous animal down is not always an easy task. Effective treatments sometimes call for certified professionals, such as veterinary doctors or certified animal behaviorists.

Signs of Anxiety in Dogs

Anxiety in dogs can manifest in many different ways; as you spend more and more time with your dog, you’ll be able to identify the common signs for them. Since every dog is a little different, signs and symptoms of anxiety may differ. Dogs use body language to convey their emotions, so anxiety may look like incessant licking, pacing back and forth, hiding underneath the couch, increased heart rate and panting, skin lesions from self-trauma, over-grooming, drooling, salivation, trembling, shaking, frequent yawning, decreased appetite, pacing, and lip licking.

If you’ve noticed repetitious behavior such as the ones listed above, take note as to what may be causing the anxiety. Did you bring a new animal home? Is there a new person that is living in the house or staying over frequently? Unless there was some trauma that occurred during their puppy years, there should generally be a reason for anxious behavior in your dog.

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Anxiety Causes in Dogs

Dogs are incredibly unique; as such, the causes of their individual anxiety can be as well. If your dog is very warm and affectionate, they may also suffer from separation anxiety. An animal may pace, howl, chew, or destroy furniture when an owner leaves. This can be a sign of anxiety. It can also be a sign that you should buy a new couch.

The most common causes of anxiety include loud noises, medical problems, new humans, and other animals. Vacuum cleaners and lightning storms are common culprits of canine anxiety.

Treating Anxiety in Dogs

Here are a few tried and true methods on how to calm an anxious dog:

  • Check yourself. Have you been angry or have you been making loud noises? Often times an anxious owner can cause a pet to be anxious simply by association. Try being calm and don’t show visible signs of stress. Yelling at your animal is generally ill-advised.
  • Give them a time out. Put them in a quiet place, such as their crate or a locked room for a few minutes. If they can’t behave in front a dinner guests due to anxiety, then it may be best for them to play with a few treats or toys until your guests leave.
  • Cuddle. Physical touch and contact will help both you and your dog calm down. It also helps relieve fear, stress, and anxiety, since pet owners are generally the pets’ main source of comfort. If they had an accident and hurt themselves physically, a cuddle session is in order.
  • An anxious dog may act out by destroying your couch or anything around them. Make sure you have their favorite toy handy in the event of a lightning storm or other pressure.
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Bergen County NJ Dog Groomer

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