At-Home Dog Grooming and Cleaning

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February 7, 2019
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dog grooming bergen county

Ever had a muddy dog run through your house and jump on your new, white leather couch? We hope not. Dog grooming and cleaning is necessary knowledge for any responsible dog owner who wants to keep their pet clean, happy, and healthy. Healthy grooming and cleaning practices will not just help keep your dog clean, but your home as well! Avoid stray hairs and paw marks with this guide for at-home dog grooming.

Bathing Your Dog at Home

Bathing your dog accomplishes a few things. Your dog’s coat – especially if it is matted or thick – is going to get dirty. Inevitably, this is going to cause quite the odor. Cleaning and bathing your dog will help remove debris, loose hair, and scale that will help improve the shine of your dog’s coat. For dogs with special skin conditions, we recommend a groomer that specializes in specialty treatments.

Generally, people bathe their dogs on an as-needed basis. Usually the need occurs when you can smell your pupper from 15 feet away, or they’ve accumulated enough dirt or mud to ruin the carpet. Try not to bathe your dog too frequently, as this can cause skin irritation due to the removal of the natural oils that are found on your dog’s skin and coat. Sometimes, a good swim can account for a bath; however, if your dog has a thick coat, such as a husky, regular swimming can cause fungal growths if their coat is not properly dried after. Remember to always dry your dog thoroughly after a swim or a bath.

What Dog Shampoo Should You Use?

If your dog has a specific skin condition or allergy, they’ve probably already recommended what shampoo you should use. Do not use a human shampoo, as dogs have a different pH level compared to humans. Choose a hypoallergenic blend to ensure your dog’s comfort and cleanliness. If you are worried about their sensitive skin, you can always try to test-wash a small patch of skin to see if your dog reacts. The bathing process should be as pain-free as possible;dog grooming new jersey most dogs are going to put up some initial resistance to a bath, and using a shampoo that irritates their skin is like rubbing salt in the wound.

If you are unsure of how to bathe your dog, which product to use, and the frequency with which to bathe them, consider visiting a professional groomer for advice, tips, and tricks. Make sure to praise your dog and gently pat and stroke them while they are being bathed. Keep them calm by easing slowly into the process! Try to offer your dog some of their favorite treats or toys while they are having the bath.

What you’ll need:

  • Brush – a brush is great for detangling and de-matting the hair.
  • Water – Wet all sides of your dog so the brush doesn’t drag through any dry hair. Remember, you want to make this process as pain free as possible.
  • Avoid soaking the head areas of your dog. Instead, use a damp washcloth in slow, gentle movements.
  • Cotton balls – plug your dog’s ears so they avoid any possibility of an infection.
  • Shampoo – apply gently and remove gently. Only apply the shampoo once the entire coat of your dog is soaked.
  • Treats and toys – this will help keep your dog calm and feel safe during the bathing process. The first bath is usually the hardest.
  • Conditioner – repeat the process that you used to shampoo your dog. Read the instructions carefully, as some conditioners take longer to work than others.
  • Towel – You’ll have to dry your dog off after shampooing, or they’ll shake all the water off once they’re inside the house! The key word here is “gentle” drying.

Brushing Your Dog

Different dogs require different frequencies of brushing depending on their age and length of coat. For a dog like a husky, once a week is a good idea due to their short and dense fur. For long coated/double-coated dogs, we also recommend brushing on a weekly basis to prevent tangles and mats. For short-coated, smooth dogs, we recommend every 3-4 weeks (Kelpie, Chihuahua). Brush your dog regularly to avoid skin infection and irritation.

Dog Groomer Near Me

For Bergen County, New Jersey’s best dog grooming service, head on over to Troy’s Trims and Treats! We offer specialized grooming service for every type of dog! We offer haircuts, professional grooming services, bathing services, and additional, specialty services, such as teeth brushing, nail filing, de matting, nail polishing, medicated baths, flea baths, and anal extractions. We never use cage dryers or sedatives of any kind. If you wish to schedule an appointment with Bergen County’s premier dog groomer, call us at (201) 871-8484.


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