Train Your Dog to Allow Their Nails to Be Cut

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Grooming your dog entails various things. If you’re a first-time pet owner, I’m sure you realized that you’d have to give your dog a bath as well as give them a good brush down (depending on the breed). First time owners forget about nail trimming until their puppy jumps on them affectionately and they get scratched up. That being said, many people are hesitant about cutting their puppy’s nails for the first time or any time for that matter! This guide will outline some tips and tricks to getting your dog’s nails cut.

Why you Should Cut Your Dog’s Nails Frequently

Getting scratched up on accident by your dog is one obvious example of how long nails will not do. However, many people do not realize that having long toenails will actually be very uncomfortable and even painful for your puppy. Every time they step, the very long nail can get pushed back into the foot. This pressure can cause an improper walking gait as well as soreness. If left unattended long enough, the poor posture will inevitably cause wear and tear to the joints.

Getting Your Dog Used to Nail Cutting

Nail trimming, like baths, are something that few dogs come out of the gate enjoying or being patient with. How many times have you been sleepy and wanted to jump into bed, but you needed to brush your teeth first? What a chore, but you do it, because gum disease is no joke!

It’s the same with your puppy, grooming is a drag. But you’re going to make them do it anyway! Training your dog to let their nails get cut is all a matter of making them comfortable with the process. Like other training methods, slowly getting them accustomed to the process is critical. Many pet owners jump straight to the chopping and have a tough time with their dog struggling or refusing to sit still. This will happen even more if your dog has had long nails and the discomfort of that has created an unpleasant association with their nails that will make them hesitant to let you touch their nails.

Steps to Making Your Puppy Comfortable With Dog Nail Clippers

  1. The first step is simple: let them sniff the nail trimmers and then give them a treat when they do.
  2. Let the nail clipper touch a nail and then give them a treat, if they seem fairly calm, squeeze the nail but don’t clip it.
  3. Depending on how they’ve been reacting thus far, you can either reinforce steps 1 and 2 or continue on to step 4.
  4. Try to clip a small tip off of their nail. Only do one nail, and then give them praise and a treat.
  5. Continue step 4 while trimming off slightly more until they become accustomed to it.

This may seem like a very roundabout and slow process, but it will be incredibly worthwhile to do as many pets are exceedingly unwilling to let their owners cut their nails in a hassle-free way.

Dog Nail Trimming Englewood New Jersey

If you don’t have time for this process or you are not achieving the success you’d hoped with it. Don’t fret! Troy’s Trims and Treats has been performing grooming services and cutting dog nails in New Jersey for many years, and we’d love to take care of your dog so that they look and feel their best!

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