How To Get Your Dog to Take a Bath

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It’s practically a joke about trying to get your dog to take a bath. Our furry friends are notoriously wary of jumping into that tub and getting soaked. Unlike us, the prospect of unwinding by taking a nice, warm bath isn’t on their to-do list for the day. However, a smelly dog just won’t do. They’ll stink up your place and you’ll be less inclined to give them hugs! That being said, let’s look at some tips and tricks to getting your dog to take a bath.

Exercise Your Dog Before Bath Time

In this way, dogs might be like people after all! After a nice run or a grueling workout at the gym, most people enjoy a nice, hot shower to relax and get clean. For dogs, getting them in a bath might be easier if they’ve had a good, long play session beforehand. Not only will they appreciate it, but it has the important purpose of getting a lot of that jittery energy out of them. Try to get a dog into the bath first thing after a nice nap and you’ll be fighting them all day!

Start With Baby (or Doggy) Steps

As with all things related to doggy training, you have to start with small, accomplishable steps. If you try to haul your dog into the bath they’ll resist you to the very end. However, just bringing them into the bath and running the water while they’re around can be a first step into getting them used to that cue.

Be as gradual as possible, this process will work for almost anything as you may have read in our last blog about trimming your dog’s nails. Work your way up from here, for instance, you can start by getting your dog’s feet wet and no more. Play it by ear, if they seem comfortable, continue. Sometimes it’s best to just stop regardless of if they seem comfortable at that step. Dog training is all about positive reinforcement, it’s better to take the process slow and reap the benefits then slow it down by pushing your dog too quickly.

This can take as little as a few days or it can take a whole month, be patient and it’ll be worthwhile when your dog will begrudgingly get into the bath for you. The first time they let you bathe them properly, it’ll likely melt your heart!

Seek Out a Professional Dog Groomer

There are some days where no matter how well your dog is trained, they’ll give you resistance or trouble. Sometimes your furry friend is getting a little funky but his bath day happens to coincide with some important errands or things you have to do.

In these situations, when you need a clean pet and don’t have the time to put up with their shenanigans, it’s best to seek out a professional dog groomer.

Dog Groomer in Englewood New Jersey

For those situations where you’re strapped for time or you just want a clean dog, you have Troy’s Trims and Treats! Bath time at home will get the job done, but when you come to Troy’s Trims and Treats, your dog will be getting the whole package!

We’ve trimmed, washed, and groomed hundreds of dogs! Our Bath Plus service will get your dog a full body brush out, a jacuzzi bath with high-quality shampoo that will make you jealous of them, a conditioning rinse and subsequent blowout! This also includes a sanitary clip, nail cutting, and special care to cut around the paws and eyes.

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