What Causes Excessive Shedding in Dogs?

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There comes a time in every dog owner’s life when they have to ask, “how much shedding is normal?” Shedding in dogs may be real. You might be imagining it or you might not be. Dogs shed, we know this, but how much shedding is to be expected and how much shedding is considered excess?

Why Do Dogs Shed?

One of the major concerns of new pet owners and even current pet owners is whether the dog breed they have sheds or not. The majority of dogs naturally shed old or damaged hair. It’s an entirely normal process for dogs to go through—as well as humans, you might not think of it that way but we also shed hair! How much dogs shed is entirely dependent on the breed, their age, health, and even the season/time of the year.

Some dogs develop thick winter coats that must be shed in the spring/summer and sometimes dogs alternate between shorter coats and longer, thicker coats.

What Causes Excessive Shedding?

Excessive shedding can be a symptom of various factors. Some pet owners might not think twice about it but much like with people, sudden excess hair shedding is almost always indicative of some kind of problem. Stress, for example, can cause excess hair shedding in a dog. Consider what factors might cause your dog to experience undue stress. Some cases of separation anxiety in dogs can be very severe, if their owner leaves for a week or two on a trip they can’t come on, it can be enough of a stressor to trigger shedding. That’s just one example.

Another cause of shedding could be an underlying medical issue such as a skin condition. Dermatitis, fungal infections, or things such as parasites/fleas can be a cause of all that extra dog hair lying around your home. Food-related allergies also cannot be ruled out until you bring your dog to the vet. There really are a great many reasons why your dog could be shedding excess hair, so it’s important to pay attention to them and see if you can spot any other telling signs that would be useful information for your veterinarian.

Sunlight and temperature are big factors that determine dog shedding. Some dog breeds grow and shed based on the time of year, which is dictated by the sunlight, and of course, the temperature. However, dogs that have been bred over time to become acclimated to indoor life with its steady temperatures are leaving this trait behind. However, a result of that is more consistent but continuous dog shedding.

Dog Groomer Englewood New Jersey

No matter the reason for your dog’s excess shedding, one thing is for certain. Brushing still plays a key role in maintaining the health of a dog’s coat and to prevent any matting if relevant to your breed. Getting your dog a thorough brushing and grooming session will ensure that there is more hair on our floors than on yours! Dogs with thick coats can hide a lot of hair that has yet to fall off of their body, but a deep grooming session can clear that out.

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