Common Questions for Routine Pet Grooming

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Pet grooming is seldom one of those things that pet owners look forward to doing. We love seeing our pets, playing with our pets, lounging around with our pets. But grooming? Now that’s work. We guarantee your dog is going to make you work for it at some point. All jokes aside, first time owners are typically the ones with the most questions. This article hopes to address a few basics that you might not have thought about before you got so excited you just bought your puppy because it was love at first sight!

How Often Should You Bathe Your Puppy?

The answer is…depends. You’re going to see that answer a lot in this article. Dogs are wonderfully diverse and have many different sizes and coats and behaviors. Typically, breeds with shorter coats need less bathing, but this isn’t always true. Some breeds like the Chinese Crested are notorious for requiring more diligent care.

Even a dog such as the Maltese with long, silky hair which requires care may only need a bath once a week or 10 days depending on how much time they’ve spent rolling around outside. Lifestyle is a big factor. Many dogs with medium sized coats can reasonably stretch a bath every 4-6 weeks. There is a major factor that determines your bath times, however. And that…

How Often Should You Brush Your Puppy

Brushing is important for the health of your dog’s coat, their comfort, and hygiene. Brushing regularly can help longer haired breeds avoid matting—a painful tangling of the coat which yields knots of hair that are impossible to untangle. If your dog’s hair becomes too matted, the poor thing’s coat will have to be trimmed or shaved short in place to get rid of it.

Brushing daily or once every two days will also prevent things such as tick infestations (a very annoying problem to deal with)

How to Deal with Dog Grooming Behavior

Many dogs do not like to be groomed for the same reason that they are comically frightened of things such as vacuum cleaners and other inanimate objects. Whatever the case, there is a high likelihood that your pup will not take lightly the sound or feeling of a blow dryer on them. Dogs are notorious for not wanting to take baths too, or letting you clip their nails, or just about most kinds of grooming. To the surprise of first-time pet owners, grooming is part of training. If you haven’t trained your dog to let you bathe them, chances are they won’t let you do it easily. Although, some people do get lucky!

Best Pet Groomer Englewood NJ

Troy’s Trims and Treats has the magic touch. We’ve serviced hundreds of dogs over thousands of appointments. We’re careful, caring, and cautious of all of your pet’s needs. Bringing your dog to a groomer or any service where you drop them off can be much like dropping your children off somewhere—you worry about it.

Our groomers are a highly talented bunch that love animals and know how to groom your pet with a soft touch. We’ll have your pet washed, brushed, trimmed to perfection when you bring them in. We also offer other extra services such as de-matting, nail filing, teeth brushing, flea baths and more!

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