Which Breeds Shed the Most?

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March 25, 2020
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A staple of pet grooming is dealing with the mighty amount of fur our adorable little furballs shed every day. Some of you lucky pet owners may own a dog that sheds minimally. However, whichever breed you chose (or whichever breed chose you!), grooming your pet is still a necessity. You can handle many pet grooming tasks by yourself, however, there are many things that professionals do best. Troy’s Trims and Treats specialized in provided professional pet grooming in Englewood, NJ.

Based on our experiences, here are a few breeds we think shed the most, as well as a few that shed the least!

Breeds that Shed the Most

1 – The Alaskan Husky

Alaskan Huskies, as well as their Siberian counterparts, are some of the most popular and beloved pets around the country. They must be loved, because when it comes to shedding, they’re public enemy number 1! Huskies have a marvelously thick double coat that allows them to regulate their temperature in the cold environments from which they hail. It’s also this same coat that sheds a great deal twice a year which is colloquially known as blowing the coat. It is a well known fact that Huskies should never be “groomed” by having their coats shed for them in any ways.

2 – The Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Although there are many factors which set them apart from the Pembroke variety, The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is otherwise known as the Corgi with a tail. Despite their modest size, the Corgi is a dog that sports a thick coat that sheds quite a bit. Visitors might think you have two dogs, not one! The Corgi is also another dog that has a double coat, and they shed year round as a result.

3 – Golden Retriever

Americas beloved family dog is also an enemy of your rug. The retriever has a thick coat that belies their ability to paddle about in water, keep them relatively warm, and allows them to dry easily. Labrador retrievers are a very popular dog breed because of their easy going nature, playfulness, and ability to get along well with anyone—including small children. They require near daily brushing to

How to Groom Dogs that Shed A Lot

If you own any of the above breeds or one that sheds a lot, the most important thing you can do is give your dog a brush down every day. Not only will this prevent matting, which can result in your dog needing to get a hefty trim to remove the mats, but it will get out most of the hair that is stuck in the coat. Better to get it out in one spot where you brush rather than all over your sofa or rug!

Depending on the coat length of your dog and their breed, you may require a few different tools to give them a proper grooming session. For exmaple, dogs with double coats are much easier to groom with whats known as a slicker brush. Other varities of grooming tools are needed depending on whether your dog is actively shedding, whether you want to detangle hair, or pull out hairs that are trapped in the coat.

Dog Groomer Englewood NJ

If this all sounds like a hassle to you, don’t feel bad! Grooming your dog once in awhile can be a great bonding experience, but if your dog has very demanding grooming needs, that’s exactly what we’re here for at Troy’s Trims and Treats! We can handle all of your pets cleaning, grooming, trimming, and bathing needs!

Contact us today to set an appointment or if you have any questions about our services.

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