What Do You Do if Your Dog has Fleas?

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While if you’re from the North-East like Troy’s Trim’s and Treats is, you may long for those warm summer days filled with good memories. Unfortunately, the warm months out of the year are also when your poor pet is most likely to get fleas. Fleas are the worst type of problem to have, they’re easy to get and difficult to get rid of!

Help! My Dog Has Fleas. Signs and Symptoms of Fleas

Fleas are extremely tiny, so it can be difficult in its own right to figure out if they have fleas or if they’ve just developed a new dance move. We say this because we know that dogs scratch themselves all the time, you should be sure your pet has fleas before you rush to put them through treatment.

Fleas are very small, but not imperceptible to the human eye. Take a fine toothed comb and ruffle through your pets fur and see if you can spot the tiny brown pests that are causing your poor pup to shuffle about. If you don’t spot the fleas, check around and see if you can find what appear to be tiny black specs—flea feces in your pet’s coat. Remember, if your pet has fleas, it’s not just their problem. You’ll have to delouse them and possibly your home too if you want to be safe. This is a problem best nipped in the bud before it becomes truly an ordeal.

Step 1: Delouse Your Pet

While there are many different topical solutions to get rid of fleas, the simplest and often-times most effective is a flea bath. This bath will have medicated shampoo that will kill the fleas and save your pet from an itchy fate. An issue with flea baths is that they only kill the fleas that are present on your dog and if you have a home infestation, will not stop them from getting reinfected.

However, it’s still worth doing to give your pet some immediate relief and kill a big chunk of the fleas. Another major issue with flea baths is that, well…we all know how much our pets love getting baths. They don’t! Not in most cases, bath time can be stressful time for many pets.

If you need someone to delouse your pet, visit Troy’s Trims and Treats and we’ll help your pet get some relief by getting those fleas off of them. Talk to our experts to find out more on flea prevention, treatments, and what you’ll need to do next!

Step 2: Treat the Entire House

Once you’ve gotten the fleas off of your pet with a good flea bath, it’s time to go to war in your home. You’ll have to vacuum your home thoroughly. If you have a vacuum bag, you’ll have to seal it and toss it, you don’t want to leave that kind of bad mojo laying around. If you think that there are any parts of your carpeting are especially infected, you can place borax powder (it’s non-toxic) overnight and vacuum it up the next morning.

If you find the infection in your home has gotten too serious, it may be time to call in professional help such as an exterminator.

Dog Groomer in Englewood NJ

Troy’s Trims and Treats is a full-service dog groomer in Englewood, New Jersey. We provide all manner of dog grooming services and specialize in full-body scissor cuts. We do not use sedatives of any kind on your pet so rest assured our professional and patient staff use a gentle touch on your pets so that they’re never stressed out to come get a hair cut or any other service.

We also have additional services such as flea baths and medicated baths, de matting, nail filing, and more!

Give us a call at (201)-817-5337!

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