What is a Double Coat and Why Do Dogs Have Them?

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Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. From different hair texture and hair lengths to completely different coat types as well. This sort of diversity is the reason why there’s always something to like about a particular breed, and you can tell a lot about people by what types of breeds they like the most. Did you know that some dogs sport a double-coat? It’s a strange concept to wrap your head around, imagine if you had double-hair! Anyways, just what is that double coat, and what is it for?

Double Coats on Dogs

A double coat is exactly as it sounds, your dog has two coats! If you hate shedding, you’re going to be in for a lot of vacuuming. Normally, a dog with one coat just has one layer of hair regardless of if it sheds or not. In the case of double-coated dogs—most famously Huskies, they shed a ton. The undercoat of these dogs is highly dense and fluffy/soft. Then, there are longer hairs that reach out beyond the undercoat to create the top layer. As a result, double-coated dogs always look very fluffy.

One of the greatest misconceptions about double coats is that dogs such as Huskies and Golden Retrievers must be hot with all of that hair, especially when you consider the Husky which hails from the cold climates of Siberia. Many people mistakenly believe that it would be wise to shave some of that fluff off to alleviate some of the heat, but don’t do this! As professional groomers, it hurts our hearts to see a poor dog who has had their double coat scissored down for no reason.

The reason for keeping the coat is simple, double coats exist to regulate temperatures for dogs—cold AND hot. It’s hard to imagine a huge furry coat would actually keep a dog cool in high temperatures, but it’s true. The purpose of the outercoat is to resist the current climate. In other words, it’s like an insulator, and insulation works to keep cool temperatures in just as much is it keeps it out.

If it’s 100 degrees outside, that’s well beyond your dog’s normal body temp, the fluff helps to keep that heat from getting into the inner coat and onto the body. Pretty cool, huh?

Professional Boutique Dog Grooming Salon in Englewood NJ

If you own a double-coated dog, it can be a difficult process to keep them well-groomed and free from any issues such as matting or clumping. Even if you know what to do, bathing and shampooing, brushing, and detangling can all be a very time-consuming process. It’s for this reason that many people visit us at Troy’s Trims and Treats to get their dog in tip-top shape!

We are known for having the utmost care and respect for your pet. We’ve handled so many dogs that we’ve developed a sixth sense for what pets do and don’t like and know how to handle them accordingly.

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