Dog Hair Matting and how to Avoid It

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dog grooming englewood NJ

There are many breeds of dogs with long and luxurious locks of hair such as the Maltese, Afghan Hound, Poodles, the list goes on! Dogs love to jump and play and roll around, it’s why we love them. Unfortunately, a side effect of all this hustle and bustle is matted hair! If you let a matting problem get out of hand, you’ll have to send the poor fella to a quality dog groomer who can cut out all the matted sections.

What is Matted Hair in Dogs?

Ordinarily, a dog will have hair grow out and flow as any normal person would. And just like regular people with longer hair, it requires brushing to keep it untangled. When a dog’s hair becomes so increasingly tangled, it eventually reaches a point where it cannot be untangled. This dense, tangled mess is called matting. Matted hair is almost impossible to fix, and it requires the matted sections to be cut away.

Imagine if a section of your hair was cut away because it was tangled. Why you’d look foolish! Thankfully puppies don’t experience a complex emotion like shame, but that doesn’t mean we don’t feel sorry for them. Sometimes, with neglect, matting can become so bad that a dog may have to get the majority of their coat shaved down to their base. Have you ever seen a shaved Maltese? It’s a whole ‘nother dog.

How Can Matting Be Fixed?

Simple, matting is avoided by good grooming practices—brushing and combing your puppy’s coat from time to time is enough for most owners to avoid this issue. However, consider that the longer your dog’s hair is, the more brushing and grooming is required—hey, beauty has a price, y’know? All joked aside, keeping mats out of your dog’s hair is important for their health too. Densely matted hair can cause sores and injuries. Things can also get trapped under the matted layers which will cause discomfort to your puppy.

How Can You Avoid Matted Hair in Dogs?

Apart from brushing, there are some training tips and tricks you can use.

  1. Training – You can train your dog to look forward to or even enjoy grooming. This is especially easier starting from a young age. If you brush him or her frequently even if they don’t need it, then give them praise or treats for sitting still, you can make it much easier for yourself later on. If you haven’t done this already, don’t be disappointed. You can still always teach them starting today to enjoy it. Dog’s have a way of responding to delicious treats!
  2. Professional Help – We built our business on being the very best dog groomers in the New Jersey area! If you find it difficult to get your energetic dog to sit still and be brushed and combed, take them to a professional grooming service. The cost is always worth it as time is money, and not many people would like to spend a portion of their week chasing around a puppy trying to pin them down for a good brushing session!

Dog Groomer in Bergen County, NJ

At Troy’s Trims and Treats, we pride ourselves on our professional approach to dog grooming. We offer many grooming services such as full-body scissor cuts, bathing your dog in a luxurious jacuzzi with the highest quality shampoos for pets, and lastly giving them a good blowout so they can look fabulous!

If you’d love to get your dog in tip-top shape, give us a call at (201)-871-8484 or contact us here!

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