Is Commercial Dog Food Safe?

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June 28, 2019
dog grooming englewood NJ
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dog grooming englewood NJ

There are many nuances to good pet grooming, which is why it’s such an enjoyable and interesting undertaking for pet lovers around the world. Not only is everything you’re doing going to give your dog the best life they can have, but they can also be groomed up to be your style partners.

An aspect of grooming that is often overlooked for people just getting into the grooming world is nutrition!

Is Commercial Dog Food Safe?

It’s hard not to see ourselves in our dogs when we look at them. Opening a can of commercial dog food and pouring the slop into a bowl can leave us feeling like we’re doing a disservice to our dogs. This is just one factor that makes many people question the quality of standard commercial dog food. However, this commercial dog food that is readily available is perfectly fine to feed your dog. Are there better foods available? Sure, but the truth of the matter is that this food is perfectly healthy for your dog. Don’t believe me? Take it from the AKC—The American Kennel Club.

Commercial dog foods are highly regulated and in terms of getting your dog all of the nutrition they need, it’s more important to focus on feeding frequency and dietary needs particular to certain breeds or sizes of breeds. This handy guide of nutritional requirements for dogs by the Merck Veterinary Manual provides very in-depth information by trusted veterinary professionals.

Dry Dog Food vs Wet Food

Both types of food are packed with nutrients your dog needs and there are even special formulations of each kind depending on the stage of life your dog is at. Puppies have different nutritional requirements than adults and older dogs do. While there are certain nutrients they need regardless, there are some nuances between them. For example, puppy food tends to be more calorically dense and heavier on protein since they are still growing and tend to expend more energy as well. Food can even be tailored depending on whether your breed is small or large.

Regardless, there are benefits to both wet and dry dog food irrespective of these details.

  1. Dry Dog Food – Dry food is the most convenient type. There’s less mess involved and if it gets spilled it is far easier to clean up. Typically, dry food is cheaper than wet as well and can be bought in bulk much easier. Kibble is said to be good for your dog’s dental hygiene as there are certain types of kibble that can help scrape away tartar and plaque. One of the best aspects of dry food is that you can place it in puzzle toys and give your dog the simulation of hunting for his or her food—which is a great stress reliever for dogs.
  2. Wet Food –While fresh water should always be available for your dog, wet dog food does have a higher moisture content—which means it is hydrating as well as nutritious. Because this dog food is soft and sloppy, it can be easier on older dogs or dogs who have a tough time chewing. Since wet food has more moisture content, it can help your dog feel fuller. This is particularly useful if your dog needs to stay trim and its appetite is large.


Nutrition in pets—much like humans is an incredibly complex topic. Your pet needs an adequate amount of protein (especially when young to facilitate growth) and fats to function. What many people don’t realize about dogs (as well as humans) is that carbohydrates are a great source of fuel that your dog needs. Unlike cats, which are classified as true carnivores, dogs need carbohydrates to fuel their brains as well as basic energy needs. If you are feeding your pet any special formulations, be sure to take this into account as a deficiency in carbohydrates will cause their bodies to pull the necessary glucose away from protein and this can lead them to be lacking in certain amino acids which they require for healthy growth.

Professional Dog Groomer New Jersey

At Troy’s Trims and Treats in Bergen County, NJ, we are careful to consider all aspects of dog care that directly influence grooming. For your dog to look their best and feel their best, nutrition is an important area to consider carefully. If you have any basic questions about pet nutrition and how it relates to dog grooming, give us a call at 201-871-8484! It’s our mission to make your dog look their best, and nothing gives us more satisfaction than making it happen!

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