5 Dog Breeds That Require Extensive Grooming

dog grooming englewood NJ
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May 9, 2019
dog grooming englewood NJ
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dog grooming englewood NJ

Some dogs are low maintenance. They seldom shed and you never need to worry about matting. Their coats don’t grow out much and as such don’t require much care. On the other hand, there are many dog breeds which require extensive grooming care, just ask us! It’s a job in and of itself. Like having a thick head of luscious locks on yourself, it may be a lot of work but it also gives you a lot of options. Here are a few breeds that require a ton of grooming, but the results are absolutely worth it!

  1. Poodle – This popular dog breed is known for its big, puffy coat. Poodles have very thick coats that are very suitable for grooming purposes. Their coats are like thick hedges and can be groomed into almost any shape as they will retain that shape until grown out again. Despite their puffy coats, they are highly athletic dogs with slim, muscled bodies underneath all of that poof. This makes sense as they were originally developed as hunting dogs.
  2. Afghan Hound – If you’ve seen an Afghan Hound before, you’d know it. These magnificent creatures have a highly unique silhouette. Their coat is renowned for its luxuriousness and the breed is known for its beauty. Their incredibly thick coats require tons of brushing as—unlike the poodle, the hair flows quite freely.
  3. Maltese – These small, energetic dogs are adorable whether they keep a long or short coat. They are highly susceptible to matting, however. Matting is when the hairs in a dog’s coat become entangled in large clumps and it becomes impossible to detangle them. Cutting all of it off becomes required, so unless you want your poor dog to get a buzz cut, be sure to send them a reputable groomer who can give them a good brush and cut!
  4. Puli/Komondor – Originally from Hungary, this dog breed has a thick, corded coat. Just imagine a dog covered in a mop and there you go. The Komondor was bred for being a livestock guardian. These dogs, more than any, need to be kept neat and clean as their cords form lest they become susceptible to very painful matting.
  5. Yorkshire Terrier –  One of the most popular breeds of our day, the Yorkshire Terrier or “Yorkie” requires daily brushing and can grow its coat into long, diva-like locks. The hairs on their ears and their forehead can form bangs if they aren’t trimmed and will get in their eyes.

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There are so many more breeds which require extensive grooming, but they come down to the same ideas. Their hair grows thick and long and as such requires great upkeep but can be cut into an array of styles. For many thick haired breeds, the chief concern is avoiding matting and staying clean as well.

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