Trims and Treats: Ways To Do Right By Your Dog

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April 2, 2018
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If you are looking for ways to spoil your dog, there are quite a few. It’s important to express your love to your pup, no matter how long you have had them. There are some fun and interesting ways that you can have fun with your dog and let them know you love them.

One thing you need to realize about dogs is that they are a lot like human children. Much like human toddlers, they will experiment with different behaviors and it is important to have the same level of patience and tolerance with a dog that you would have with a child. It has been proven that dogs certainly think and feel logic and reason. If you are a dog lover that has supposed dogs are not so different than us, you are right. Many emotions we attribute to humanity can also be experienced by doggies.

Another thing you may want to consider that will help you do your dog right is adhering to a treats over punishment mentality. Though many have mocked the hitting your dog with a newspaper routine, it’s actually not the best thing you can do for your dog. Instead, dogs respond to positive affirmations. Basically, find out what your dog likes or is into, whether it be a certain food, activity or perhaps grooming session. If you can relate these treats to a good behavior your dog does you will be much more successful than if you simply punish bad behavior.

Another thing to keep in mind with your dog is that everybody poops. And everybody has basically the same needs- to eat, drink, sleep, play and poop. Much as human children act out when they are expressing those needs, dogs may do the same. By assuming responsibility of a doggie, you are also assuming responsibility and understanding over the needs they may have.

Also make sure you are allowing your dog enough sleep. Dogs need more sleep than kids, if you can imagine. You may benefit from a hypothetical schedule. Here is one:

  • Up       7am
  • Nap     8:30-11:30am
  • Up       11:30am-1:00pm
  • Nap     1-3:30pm
  • Bed      8pm
  • Potty Run        11pm

Another thing that may help is learning how best to communicate with your dog(s). Dogs use posture instead of words. They communicate by expression via their tails, ears or face. Listening to commands, however, is not natural to dogs and will have to be taught. It will be helpful if you maximize eye contact and voice commands.

You also can’t overemphasize the importance of training. Make sure you seek help from canine professionals, such as those at Troy’s Trims and Treats. Troy’s Trims and Treats is a great place to learn more about your doggie, or if you want to do extra right by your dog, a great place to pick up treats you pooch will love. Or, another way to pamper your doggie is through the grooming treatments Troy’s Trims and Treats offer.

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