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April 17, 2018
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June 1, 2018

Much like humans do, dogs love treats of the culinary variety. There is really no time a dog does not want to eat. And while it is your job as a dog owner to make sure your dog isn’t overweight/overeating, it is also your job to treat your dog! However, there is a great way to both ensure your dog is receiving an appropriate amount of calories yet still feels treated. To make sure an equilibrium is reached for the perfect snack, there are a few rules that you may wish to follow in terms of how and when to treat your dog.

One such rule is the 10 percent rule. Meaning, snacks and treats should only comprise about 10 percent of your dog’s diet, give or take. This is because the rest of your dog’s diet should be comprised of more legitimate meals. To get a deeper understanding of the best treats and snacks you should give your dog (based on their weight, activity and other characteristics), you may wish to ask your dog’s veterinarian. Of course, dogs love treats and as a dog owner, you will want to give them plenty of food to bond with them. But, there’s a smarter, more caloric-conscious way of accomplishing this. Just give the treats one at time.

Another thing you can try is giving your doggie vegetables or fruits. You don’t have to give them  a store bought, processed treat. They may love a carrot, a green bean, some broccoli. They just want something to eat, and dogs tend to be open to a lot of foods, potentially. Of course, there are some foods you want to skip giving your dog, namely, chocolate. But in terms of fruits and veggies, it is really fair game to see what your dog likes and continue feeding them it.

Another good rule of thumb in terms of giving treats to your dog is to not give them anything that will be too hard on their teeth. This can include some hard bones. A good test for a bone or treat is that If you push your thumbnail into a treat and it leaves a mark, that’s a safe treat. If it doesn’t, the treat is too hard for a dog to safely chew. Rawhide is different in that it becomes softer as a dog chews on it. However, this can pose a threat if it gets too small. At this point, the bone can become a choking hazard and it is best to take it out of your dog’s mouth.

Another thing to consider in terms of the sentiment of treating your dog is that a treat is simply something that will make your dog happy. While it can be food, it certainly doesn’t have to be. Sometimes a nice treat for your dog can be taking them for a walk or teaching them a new trick.

However you wish to treat your dog, Troy’s Trims and Treats can help you select the perfect present for your pooch. Come by today and see our selection of goodies for man’s best friend. All of our dog treats are 100 percent natural and will help your dog be the happiest, healthiest version of themselves they can be!


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