What To Buy Your Dog At a Pet Store

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June 1, 2018
Essential Dog Products at a Pet Store
July 1, 2018

If you are looking for a pet store in the Englewood or general New Jersey area, you are in luck. Troy’s Trims and Treats is the premier pet store in Bergen County. Furthermore, Troy’s Trims and Treats has some of the best dog grooming in Essex or Caldwell alike. But if you haven’t been to the store, you might be wondering, what all can I really buy at a pet store anyways? Well, you just may be surprised by the breadth and depth of grooming products, pet supplies, toys and treats that a high-end pet store has. Here, we count down some of the best products to buy at a pet store.

Collar and Leash

Probably the most important thing you need to purchase, especially if you are buying a new puppy, is a collar and leash. The collar can be all kinds of patterns or designs, but basically serves to hold your puppy’s dog license and ID tag. This ID should list you, the dog owner’s name, and phone number. The collar is really important, because it can make sure your pup is brought back to you if ever lost. Of course, the leash, which attaches to the collar, is also very important- this ensures you will be able to have control over your dog while you all run or walk together.

Crates For Training

Crates and other puppy containment options should also be highlighted on your pet store list. These are especially important for any new puppy owners as crates provide the ability to monitor and housetrain your new puppy. A pet store is a good place to pick up a dog crate, carrier, exercise pen, playpen or gate when you bring your new puppy home. Crate training can sometimes be difficult, but buying high-quality materials to make it happen shouldn’t be.

Food and Other Bowls

Food and water bowls are also key for your furry friend. You can find a wide variety of food and water bowls at your local pet store, including ceramic or stainless steel options, plastic dishes and also glass bowls. Although plastic is often cheaper, you as a dog owner just need to be aware that plastic dishes especially can harbor bacteria and residue. Make sure you clean whatever food bowls you buy at the pet store near you.

Dog Bedding

A dog bed is another necessary item for your new puppy. Especially while you are housetraining your new dog, she will sleep in a crate or kennel. One way to actually get your puppy in the crate or kennel is to put a soft dog bed in there. You can find a variety of dog beds at your nearest pet store, often covered in snuggly options like fleece or sheepskin.

Of course, that’s not all you can buy at a pet store near you, but those are some of the most essential items for your doggy. However, keep in mind that you can also find organic dog food and gourmet dog treats- especially at Troy’s Trims and Treats. Troy’s Trims and Treats has the essential items for your puppy in addition to treats like gourmet foods, grooming/hygiene packages and options, and natural, fun toys. If you are looking for a pet store in the Bergen County, New Jersey area, it doesn’t get better than Troy’s Trims and Treats.

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