Taking Your Four-Legged Friend To The Dog Groomer

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July 1, 2018
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If you’ve never been for a dog groomer / grooming experience with your pet, you are both in for a pleasant surprise. A grooming experience isn’t like a trip to the vet; it is an experience that your dog might enjoy as much as you love going to the spa.

It also might be a great idea to try a dog grooming day out, before going to the vet too often, so your dog doesn’t always associate the car with the doctor.

Before Going to The Dog Groomer

To help prepare yourself and your dog, it’s best to do some research on the grooming process. Find out what cut types suit your breed, and become informed about the options available. This will prevent being suddenly struck with too many options which you don’t fully understand when you first phone or visit. The pet groomer will explain all the processes to you, but it does help to have some ideas and background knowledge about your dog’s needs ahead of time.

Get Your Pet Used to Outings

Ideally, acclimate your pet to different environments so they are not too skittish on their first visit to the spa.  A dog that gets nervous in new environments might bite, growl, or even worse, squirm and wriggle which can increase the risk of being accidentally nicked.

Generally, this means the dog will not enjoy the experience as much as they could.

A relaxed dog will enjoy the soothing warm bath, refreshing skin and hair treatments, and blow dry.

Choose the Right Dog Groomer

Different groomers may specialize in different types of service, and just like hairdressers, there are a variety of different levels of service. Review all the options before choosing a groomer, and then talk to them to find out what service best fits your needs before making an appointment.

Grooming for health and hygiene, for shows, or just to help your pet look cute will have different service levels. Remember to ask all the questions you need to before taking your pet to their grooming appointment.

Start Early with Your Puppy

Getting your puppy used to the grooming process early will help them feel relaxed around the sounds of shears and dryers; it will help you to learn more about proper care and grooming for your puppy’s coat and skin in between cuts.

If your dog isn’t young anymore, it may feel uncomfortable going to the groomers for the first time. In this case it can help to take them along a couple of times while you gather information to get them used to the environment.

Grooming is More than Just Washing and Trimming

Aside from a wash and cut, dog groomers provide a variety of services to help your pet look and feel their best. Nail trimming, teeth brushing, furmination to reduce shedding, anal gland clearing, and skin treatments are a number of health care options that are normally available.

When it comes to looks, there are a multitude of possibilities for styling, hair sculpting, and appearance. A specially trained breed stylist will be able to discuss with you the best fit for your dog.

Treating your dog to a day at the spa will help them look and feel their best, and have you both feeling happier afterward.

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